Albuquerque Spider Vein Removal

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Our Lutronic Clarity II Laser can treat vascular lesions also known as spider veins. The laser works by applying heat to the vessel targeting the hemoglobin within the vessel. This will ablate or shrink the vessel so that it is no longer visible without damaging the surrounding tissue. More than one treatment is necessary for the best results.


1What are Spider veins?
Spider veins are formed by the dilation of a small group of blood vessels located close to the surface of the skin. Although they can appear anywhere on the body, spider veins are most commonly found on the face and legs. The exact cause of spider veins is unknown, although heredity, pregnancy, trauma, aging, sun damage and hormonal influences are believed to be primary factors contributing to the condition.
2How does spider vein treatment work?
The most common type of treatment for spider veins is laser therapy. The laser beam will travel through the skin targeting the pigment in the blood, which will heat the vessel wall causing the vein to collapse.
3How long does the procedure take?
Treatment time is dependent upon the area that is being treated. Most treatment sessions will take 15-30 minutes.
4How many treatments will I need?
For best results multiple treatments are recommended.